Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Street Fighter Tribute Art Show


The amazing Ben Zhu of Gallery Nucleus (one of my favorite galleries!) and Jon Gibson & Derek from I am 8-bit were kind enough to invite me to a Street Fighter (my all time favorite video game!) Tribute Art Show. Only a coward would refuse!

I'm doing two paintings inspired by my favorite characters Blanka (a monster from Brazil) and El Fuerte (a luchador from Mexico).

Growing up, this game really changed my life. In every Mexican arcade or little shop with a Street Fighter 2 machine, you could witness all the struggles of life: the rich versus the poor, the north versus south, the First World versus the Third World -- and more importantly, you versus thousands of unknown kids.

Out of loyalty to Latin America, I always played Blanka from Brazil. Back then there were no Mexican characters, so a giant green monster had to do. In his storyline Blanka, like most telenovela orphans, is trying to reunite with his mother.

12x12 acrylic on canvas

20x16 acrylic on canvas

Jab Strong Fierce (Street Fighter Tribute Show)
Nucleus and I am 8-bit are proud to present, with support from CAPCOM, a Street Fighter tribute group art exhibition.
April 25, 2009 - May 11, 2009
Apr 25, 7:00PM - 11:00PM


Mukpuddy said...

Love it dude!! Street Fighter 2 was just as big down here in NZ when I was a kid!! have you got into Street Fighter 4 bro? -Alex

Fulanita said...

I am ecstatic over the new techniques your using Jorge! You can tell you had fun doing this piece! It looks sooooo great!!! I can never get my green to lay nice and flat like that.

Israel S said...

Nice! Go Blanka. He has it all- electricity, biting, that spinning ball attack, and a backflip.

They're supposed to have a tournament at the opening, so I officially challenge you to a game!

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

Alex- yeah I try to play as much SF4 as I can but I'm afraid there are ten-year-old kids out there in the world kicking the poo out of me.

Israel- I can't wait to see your piece man! What are you doing? I don't know about that tournament, again I'm guessing little kids will beat all of us old timers...

Israel S said...

I'm doing Guile vs. Blanka, haven't started yet though (sweat drops).

Yeah, the tournament sounds serious now. Hope they have a couple of machines for goofing around or at least a senior tour.

Jorge said...

WHOA!!! man your are the best artist and SF is the best game on here in my country (HINDURAS) I admire your work i want to be an artists like you when y grow up and what materials you use to make the blanka paint and also can you answer the emails i have send you please is that i want some tips for being an animator like you and also i wanna know if please you will make new episodes for EL TIGRE YEAH THE BEST SHOW EVUR my email (j_jorge_p@msn.com)

mif2000 said...

Hey, watch my animation about Lucha Libre www.vimeo.com/4149553

Puga Vida said...

I was at that show! great stuff love your blanka tee too! got myself one!