Monday, August 11, 2008

Siggraph 2008 "El Tigre" Behind the Scenes

Kat Elliot & Jared Kuvent invited us to do a panel about how we made El Tigre for the Siggraph 2008 Computer Animation Festival. I'll be posting the whole presentation on the El Tigre blog in case you can't make it.

"El Tigre": Behind the Scenes

Thursday, 14 August, 3:45 - 5:30 pm
Petree Hall C

In 2007, Manny Rivera leapt onto the screen in Nickelodeon's Annie award-winning production "El Tigre." This colorful series follows the adventures of a capricious 13-year old and the villains and superheroes he meets along the way. In this session, the creators, directors, art director, and technical director reveal everything there is to know about story, storytelling, character development, design, and animation. Along the way, they explain how Flash is used as an animation tool for television.

Jorge Gutierrez

Sandra Equihua

Supervising Producer & Director
Dave Thomas

Gabe Swarr

Technical Director & Art Director
Roman Laney

Line Producer
Tim Yoon

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tazman said...

Awesome I was wishing for a El Tigre: behind the scenes and now I've got my wish.